Technology is expensive.  It is easy today to download an operating system and supporting software that is free (as in price and liberties) if you have the means to connect to the internet, as well as the hardware on which the OS will eventually be used.

I was fortunate enough to be able to back the recent Ubuntu Edge crowd funding campaign (which at the time of writing has already broken just about all crowd funding records, but will still not meet the required amount to get funding).  Yes, I would much appreciate it if you are reading this and somehow missed what this campaign is to go check it out and perhaps make a pledge but before you rush off to do so, there is another cause I would like to make you aware off (one that is also coming to a close in a few days), one to not put the latest or greatest smartphone in the world ever (period) in your pocked, but give someone in the world the ability to do things on a computer and the internet that most of us take for granted; Reglue – Helping those on the wrong side of the Digital Divide.


From the Indiegogo page:

My name is Ken Starks and I am the Executive Director of Reglue.  We refurbish donated computers and place them in the homes of financially disadvantaged kids in Central Texas.  With funding running out, we need your help.

For those unfamiliar with Ken Start I would suggest you check out the Blog of Helios.  I became aware of this campaign from a challenge posted by Larry the Free Software Guy to the backers of the Ubuntu Edge campaign to make a donation to Reglue, a challenge I accepted and I hope that some of you reading this blog will now also except before it is too late…

So far they have gotten just over $5000 of the target of $32 000 with just about 3 days to go… surely this is an achievable target for the awesome Ubuntu community?!



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