Long time without writing.

Well this is a new experience I had. I was working last night, shut down my laptop. Today on the morning I noticed something strange in my laptop each time I enter my password Unity never finish to load. I restart several time, and decide to start the graphical environment from the CLI mode.
My surprise is the following.
starting timidity++ alsa midi emulation fail

So I start to google it from my smartphone and find some solutions in askubuntu.
So when I restart my system again finally it loads completely, but I was missing a nice surprise!!!
Seven or eight windows about error reports. The funny part of this story is that each time I click in the report button, it never open the launchpad window for reporting the bugs, so I decide it to leave it that way.
Just wondering if someone else has had this experience??
Did you solve it a better way? Thanks for your comments.

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One Response to Diego Turcios: Something went wrong with my Ubuntu

  1. Joel Leclerc says:

    Hmm, try installing the proprietary drivers (fglrx or nvidia … preferrably from jockey), make sure the X configuration is updated (sudo aticonfig --initial on fglrx, or sudo nvidia-xconfig on nvidia … but if you installed it from jockey, it should do this automatically), then reboot.

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