Raspberry Pi Clones Match the Connectors, But Boost the Firepower

Lemaker.org’s Banana Pi and SolidRun’s HummingBoard SBCs closely approximate the size, I/O, and port placement of the RasPi. They also provide identical 26-pin expansion headers to support RasPi add-on modules. Here’s a board by …

Fedora 21 To Get A Playground, New Features

Another Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee meeting took place on Wednesday where another round of features were approved for the Fedora 21 Linux release…

NVIDIA’s Amazing Single-Board ARM Computer Might Be Delayed

Last month NVIDIA announced a really exciting ARM development board based around their Tegra K1 ARM SoC called the Jetson TK1. This high-end ARM board was supposed to begin shipping …

US Government Accelerating Development and Release of Open Source

I had a chance to catch up with David A. Wheeler, a long-time leader in advising and working with the US government on issues related to open source software. As …

Samsung Gear App Challenge Launched for Gear 2

Efforts to boost the Gear 2 ecosystem include the Samsung Gear App Challenge, where developers could win cash prizes equating to $1.25 million.

Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, and Other Tech Giants Unite Behind Critical Open-Source Projects

In the wake of the Heartbleed OpenSSL security disaster, The Linux Foundation has brought together both open-source supporters and companies better known for proprietary software to fund mission-critical open-source projects.

IBM Takes the Open Source Path to Server Chip Development

The OpenPower Foundation , an open development community dedicated to accelerating data center innovation, has taken its first steps to deliver actual system designs based on IBM’s new Power8 processor. 

Linux Foundation Announces A Core Infrastructure Initiative

The Linux Foundation has announced a multi-million dollar Core Infrastructure Initiative to fund critical open-source projects. The first project receiving money from this pool is OpenSSL…

Distribution Release: ExTiX 14.1

Arne Exton has announced the release of ExTiX 14.1, an Ubuntu-based distribution with a customised GNOME 3.10 desktop environment: “ExTiX 14.1 64-bit is based on Ubuntu 14.04. 

Band Releases Album As Linux Kernel Module

netbuzz (955038) writes “A band called netcat is generating buzz in software circles by releasing its debut album as a Linux kernel module (among other more typical formats.) ‘Are you …